• “Our service is your value”


CIMA Construction Inc. was founded on 2007 in California, is Owned and Operated by Cesar Martinez and it stands out among the best companies in the Northwest. our exceptional services have led credence to our countless loyal customers, noteworthy vendors and remarkable employees in Canada and the USA.



To provide quality  by listening to what the customer wants and deliver a result that meets total satisfaction. 


To be a leader in the building enclosure services by providing increased services, cultivate and strengthen relationships and maintain homeostatic sustainability in the construction environment.


To build long term relationships with all stakeholders and provide exceptional customer service through the enhancement, beautification, protection and value to all project investment needs.

Key Values 

We deliver an outstanding service where trust, integrity and fairness are built in every working relationship. We commit to quality, value, innovation, sustainability and our environment.  We furnish a supportive climate by demonstrating a caring attitude, achieve coordinated goals and recognize the successes of every person.  We aspire that our values eclipse and progress on to our stakeholders and our community.


To cultivate good working relationships with the clients and be a key player in the building envelope industry.